The rhythm of a heart is as unique as a face or a fingerprint, but is much harder to hack

An industry first, Taliware’s Biombeat API combines a person’s ECG biometrics with geolocation

Patented technology advances the state of the art in identity as a service (IDaaS), paving the way to a passwordless world

With the Biombeat, Life isn’t measured in minutes, but in heartbeats.
Taliware uses Deep Learning biometrics and geolocation for identity management with heartbeat biometrics on wearables.

The Biombeat API SDK enables mobile app developers to build on the company’s patented Biombeat into their applications for passwordless authentication and access control…

Blog: By Jane Lalonde, CMO + Tarik Tali, CEO Taliware

What can we learn from Shakespeare when it comes to biometrics in a world wearing a mask? We’d argue, plenty.

Let us explain.

A brief history.

Chances are, you’ve never given it any thought.

If you’re involved in a civil dispute, you may realize that you need some backup.

Civil cases don’t have the same standard of evidence as criminal cases. They can quickly turn into he-said, she-said debacles. All too often, the person accused of wrongdoing can’t prove their side of the story.


A Verified You ✔ Taliware, innovator of intelligent biometric authentication software.

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